Silicon carbide anti-corrosion and wear-resistant ramming material

DFCT anti-corrosion and wear-resistant ramming materials are exclusively produced by our company.


Silicon carbide anti-corrosion and
wear-resistant ramming material

Small thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal shock resistance

Its main characteristics are: high strength, good resistance to corrosion of solid particles and liquid slag, and the addition of corrosion inhibitor with high hardness and good corrosion resistance in the ramming material can reduce the corrosion of alkaline substances on the furnace lining; With good slag hanging property, the thinner liquid slag can hang a layer of slag on the furnace lining to form a slag film and protect the furnace lining. The material has small thermal expansion coefficient and good thermal shock resistance; The material has high SiC content and good thermal conductivity, which is conducive to heat conduction and can be used for CFB boilers, etc.

Physical and chemical indexes of products




Bulk density (g/cm³)

110℃ ×24h


Compressive strength (MPa)

110℃ ×24h


1200℃ ×3h


Flexural strength (MPa)

110℃ ×24h


1200℃ ×3h


Linear change rate after burning (%)

110℃ ×24h


1200℃ ×3h


Normal temperature wear

ASTM C704 (CC)


Refractoriness (℃)


Heat flux (W/cm²)


Note: The performance and technical indicators can be adjusted according to the service conditions.

Refractory materials with different indicators can be customized according to demand. Call 400-188-3352 for details