The distribution ceremony of higher education funds for the children of in-service employees in 2022 was successfully held

In the afternoon of August 24, the distribution ceremony of the higher education fund for the children of in-service employees of Zhengzhou Oriental Furnace Lining Materials Co., Ltd. for 2022 "Golden Autumn Student Aid, Sailing, Gratitude and Reward" was held in the conference room on the second floor of the company. The general manager Zhang Pengfei, the chief engineer Min Youzhuo and other staff representatives attended the education fund distribution ceremony to give their children "wings to soar".

children of in-service employees1

First of all, Chief Engineer Min Youzhuo, on behalf of the company, sent sincere congratulations and blessings to the employees and their children who had obtained the fund. He said: All the children of employees who have obtained the fund should not forget to improve their ideological level, cognition and skills while learning cultural knowledge in the university, so as to become a person useful to the society, and should not forget to establish the correct "work outlook" while correctly establishing the "three outlook". The university is a new ocean. I hope you can brave the wind and waves and forge ahead. Remember that "the future without real knowledge is not the future"!

children of in-service employees2

Chief Engineer Min Youzhuo delivers a speech

Guo Ruixia, Head of the Management Department of the Logistics Department, read out the list of higher education funds, and expressed his sincere wishes to the students. May they have a smooth journey on the road to dreams!

Director of Logistics Department Guo Ruixia read out the list

children of in-service employees3

Guo Xiaoguo, the daughter of Guo Zhigang from the Logistics Management Department, shared the achievements of school study on behalf of the 2021 students. When she just entered the university life, she bravely jumped out of the comfort zone: she ran for the class vice monitor and submitted the application for joining the Party. While entering the Student Union of the University, he also participated in the preparation for the graduation ceremony, epidemic volunteer service and other volunteer activities as a volunteer. After a semester's efforts, he was rated as an excellent officer and an excellent worker in the fire month.

In the second semester, she spent her spare time studying piano, sketch, dance, watercolor, etc. on the premise that she was able to handle all the affairs of the class and the school student union properly. She also won the silver medal in Yunnan Station of "Dance World".

children of in-service employees4

(Photo of the 2021st prize winning representative at the gate of Guo Xiao College)

Feng Yuanke, the son of Feng Hongqiao from the Production Technology Department, expressed his thanks to the company on behalf of the 2022 students. In the coming college life, he will continue to work hard, constantly improve his character, actively strive for progress, and strive towards his life goal. I wish Zhengzhou Oriental Furnace Lining Material Co., Ltd. a prosperous and better future!

children of in-service employees5

(Feng Yuanke, the award-winning representative of 2022, made a speech)

Representatives of the parents of the awardees: Feng Hongqiao from the Production Technology Management Department and Zhang Jinku from the Engineering Management Department spoke in turn. Both expressed common expectations for children:

Carry forward the company's spirit of mutual help and help each other, and help "people in difficulty" to pass on their love.

We must have an enterprising mind and be a person who constantly strives for self-improvement.

Be a grateful person.

To become a talented person, we should not let down the company's painstaking efforts.

Persistence is the key to success.

Love will last forever. Remember: the hand that gives roses has fragrance.

The parents of the last two award-winning students wish the company every success, and the leaders and colleagues every success in their work.

children of in-service employees6

(Feng Hongqiao, Production Technology Department of the award-winning student's parents, gives a speech)

children of in-service employees7

(Zhang Jinku, the award-winning student's parents' engineering management department, made a speech)

Zhang Pengfei, General Manager, Guo Ruixia, Head of Logistics Management Department, Min Youzhuo, Chief Engineer, and Cai Dongping, Head of Production Technology Department awarded 2022 education fund to students, and hoped that students could study hard at school. May they work hard to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese Dream!

children of in-service employees8

(From left to right, Cai Dongping, Guo Xiao, Li Jianqiang, Zhang Wenlong, Director of Production Technology Department, Zhang Pengfei, Li Tianyu, General Manager, Guo Ruixia, Feng Hongqiao, Director of Logistics Management Department, Feng Yuanke, and Min Youzhuo, Chief Engineer)

At the end of the meeting, under the leadership of Guo Ruixia, the director of the Logistics Management Department, and Cai Dongping, the director of the Production Technology Management Department, the students and their parents who received the education fund gave a detailed explanation of the enterprise culture, the company's business environment, and the production environment.

children of in-service employees9

(Cai Dongping, Head of Production Technology Department, is explaining the company's experimental wall to students.)

children of in-service employees10

(From left to right, Guo Zhigang, Feng Hongqiao, Guo Xiao, Feng Yuanke, Li Tianyu, Zhang Wenlong, Li Jianqiang, Zhang Jinku)

Since its establishment, Zhengzhou Dongfang Furnace Lining Materials Co., Ltd. has taken social responsibility as its own responsibility. While focusing on enterprise operation, it has highlighted the people-oriented enterprise culture, thanked employees for their contributions to the enterprise in all aspects, and distributed education funds to female employees admitted to colleges and universities.

Higher Education Fund Plan

The higher education fund plan formulated by Zhengzhou Oriental Furnace Lining Materials Co., Ltd. grants 30000 yuan/year to the children of in-service employees who have passed the college entrance examination to Tsinghua University and Peking University; 20000 yuan/year education fund will be given to 211/985 schools; 10000 yuan/year education fund will be granted to full-time undergraduate colleges; The education fund of 6000 yuan/year will be distributed to full-time colleges and universities; If you apply for the major of refractory material/inorganic nonmetal/thermal power engineering, the company will award an additional 3000 yuan/year on the basis of the above.

Post time: Aug-25-2022