High alumina refractory brick (Class I, II, III)

High alumina brick is a neutral refractory material, which has certain corrosion resistance to acid and alkaline slag, and is characterized by high compressive strength, erosion resistance, strong penetration resistance, and high load softening start temperature.


High alumina refractory brick
(Class I, II, III)

High compressive strength, high load softening temperature, anti peeling

High alumina refractory brick is made of high alumina bauxite as the main raw material by strengthening the close combination of matrix and particles, adding composite binder, and sintering at high temperature. It has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, high load softening temperature, anti peeling, etc. It is very suitable for the lining of CFB boilers and other thermal kilns.

Good volume stability at high temperature. High mechanical strength. Good wear resistance. The tissue is dense. Low porosity. Good slag resistance. Iron oxide content is low.

It mainly includes high alumina bricks, clay bricks, corundum bricks, silicon carbide bricks and carbon bricks. In the blast furnace, due to the different working conditions of each part, the temperature fluctuation is large, and the thermal shock borne by each part is also different, so the refractory required by each part is also different.

Physical and chemical indexes of products





Al2O3 (%)




Refractoriness (℃)




0.2MPa Start temperature of load softening (℃)




1500℃×2h Linear change rate of reburning (%)




Apparent porosity (%)




Normal temperature compressive strength (MPa)




Note: The performance and technical indicators can be adjusted according to the service conditions.

Refractory materials with different indicators can be customized according to demand. Call 400-188-3352 for details