Mo Lai Shi can be plastic

The plastic is composed of high aluminum homogenizer, alumina micropowder, silica micropowder, clay, phosphoric acid, dihydrogen phosphate solution and pure calcium aluminate cement, etc., in which the homogenizer is: Al2O3 content is 70~90%, volume density is 2.9~3.5g/cm3. It is characterized by the use of low water absorption, low porosity and high uniformity of artificial synthetic homogenization instead of the traditional high water absorption, high porosity and poor uniformity of sintered alum soil clinker natural raw materials or corundum and Morolite composite raw material system, the production of homogeneous corundum-Morolite high strength wear-resistant plastic. Different from the castable, plastic can not be the mold, directly using daub, tamping construction method. The material of this invention has good construction performance, high strength, good wear resistance and ideal site use effect, which is conducive to prolong the service life of furnace lining and improve the utilization efficiency of high temperature furnace.


Physical and chemical indexes of products





Al2O3  %



bulk specific gravity g/cm3



Cold crushing strength   MPa  1300℃×3h



Heating of the permanent line changes %  1300℃×3h



Thermal shock stability second 1100℃ water cooling



Normal temperature wear resistance cm3



Plasticity index of%


Refractory materials with different indicators can be customized according to demand. Call 400-188-3352 for details